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Adhesives Technology Powered by Machine Learning

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 Machine learning in manufacturing optimisation

Patent Pending Bio-Adhesive

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Machine Learning

Materialize.X is at the cutting edge of Material Science & Machine Learning. The adhesive industry is changing, by regulation and customer’s demand to shift to non-toxic alternatives. We are helping companies, large and small, to cope with regulations. We offer a bio-adhesive to replace urea-formaldehyde and an optimisation software tailored to your specific manufacturing process to increase productivity and integrate new technologies.

"Enabling the future of adhesive technologies using artificial intelligence, reducing time and cost in the process."


Materialize.X Team

Market Sector

Bio-Adhesive for Engineered Wood

 Manufacturing Optimisation


We offer a patented bio-adhesive that is formaldehyde and VOC free and has great mechanical properties. Unlike most other bio-adhesives, it is based on abundant non-food resources.

Our proprietary machine learning algorithms have the capability to reduce cost and increase productivity of your manufacturing process.

We have expertise is in system optimisation, machine learning and innovation design engineering. We are providing consultancy services in these fields.

Dr Adrien Hitz

Machine learning & Statistics

PhD in Statistics at Oxford University


Founding Team

Haidin F. Rashid

Managing Director & Design Engineering

MA & MSc Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College


Dr Fabio Fiorelli

Chemical Engineering & Machine learning

PhD in Chemical Engineering at Cambridge University


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We work with partners including engineering wood manufacturers and academic research institutions to improve our adhesive and optimisation software. Please reach out if you’re interested in implementing Materialize.X  technology.


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Adhesives Technology Powered by Machine Learning

Market Sector


 Manufacturing Optimisation



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